Designing and Construction of a New Safe Confinement

Since 1992 an active work on Shelter Object transformation into an ecologically safe system, including those performed under international programs, has been implemented. The main conclusion of this long-term research is that a considerable reduction of Shelter Object’s hazard can be achieved by constructing a new protection structure over the Shelter – that is a New Safe Confinement (NSC).

Development of strategy for fuel-containing materials (FCM) retrieval and waste management

The problem of amount and condition of nuclear fuel in the destroyed Unit 4 of Chernobyl NPP is one of key one during determining the condition of nuclear, radiation and ecological safety of the Shelter. Nowadays, one can consider specified that more than 95% of fuel remains inside the Unit from initial loading.

According to scientists’ estimates, total amount of nuclear fission materials is about 200 tons. However, the researchers did not succeeded in obtaining the reliable information regarding many places within the Shelter where detectable amounts of fuel could be.

Radiation protection, Safety and Monitoring Systems

"SO Temporary  Emergency Preparedness Plan" (General contractor - NUTECO) has been developed within SIP and approved by regulatory body. Radiating Protection Program (Contractor – Slavutich Laboratory of International Researches and Technologies (SLIRT)) has been developed and approved regulatory body.

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