Creation of Facility for Release of Materials from Regulatory Control at ChNPP

The Project is financed from the funds of the European Union in the framework of the Programme “Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation 2011. Part II”.

The general objective of the Project, which includes Service Contract No.NSI/2015/365776 dated 18.12.2015, is to improve safety and economic efficiency during management of all types of radioactive waste in Ukraine and, to take all possible measures to reduce the amount of waste and fulfil long-term tasks regarding final safe disposal.

The Project tasks are as follows:

- selection of the relevant operating procedures/equipment for waste reprocessing;
- supply, design, manufacture, delivery, including any documentation required, certification, installation, licensing and commissioning of equipment for the purpose of creating a facility for release of materials from regulatory control at the Chornobyl NPP suitable for further release for all types of materials in accordance with the approved methodology and procedures;
- providing radiation control and radiation monitoring of facilities to prevent their contamination;
- obtaining radiation characteristics during transportation of containers/large facilities for measurement zones inside the facility; registration of measurement results obtained for release of materials/printing;
- monitoring of radiation situation inside the facility for personnel protection from radioactive contamination and video monitoring of the measurement process.

Completion status:

All works under the contract have been completed.

The Contractor delivered the equipment whose testing and certification had been completed. ChNPP personnel were trained and started work at the facility.

Currently the facility is being commissioned.

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