Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant (LRTP)

The LRTP is designed for treatment of liquid radioactive waste accumulated during operation and those generated during ChNPP decommissioning, and operational LRW of Shelter Object. Construction of LRTP is financed from the Nuclear Safety Account of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The LRTP is also designed for LRW treatment during 10 years of operation. Its minimal designed capacity is 2,500 m3 of non-treated LRW per year. The Plant is located within the boundaries of the ChNPP protective perimeter, near the liquid radioactive waste storage facility, which is connected to the system of process pipelines laid in the closed overpass.

Basic information Radioactive waste management

The LRTP consists of the following facilities:
1. Facility for liquid radioactive waste (LRW) removal from existing storage facilities
2. Facility for LRW transportation to treatment facility
3. Facility for treatment and cementation of LRW with purpose of containment and immobilization

The solidified liquid waste in the form of a cement compound are packed into 200-L drums and in reinforced concrete containers are transported to the long-term controllable storage facility.

In April 2018 the Chornobyl NPP obtained a license of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection, which certifies the compliance of the facility with current building norms regulations and requirements. The License certifies that the Plant is ready for operation.

At the present time the Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant is on the way towards reaching its design capacity.

Nearest Events

On May, 24, 1978 Unit 1achieved capacity 1000 mwt
June 11, 2001 – establishment of SSE Chornobyl NPP

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