Improvement of the national system of training in the area of radioactive waste management, decommissioning and rehabilitation of contaminated territories


The Project is financed from the funds of the European Union in the framework of Agreement on funding of the Annual Action Programme 2012 for Nuclear Safety – Part II”.

The general objective of the Project, a part of which is Service Contract No. INSC/366-483 dated December 20, 2016, is to enhance safety of activities related to decommissioning, management of RAW and ionizing radiation sources, rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated territories through the improvement of the personnel training system at all levels.

Project Tasks are as follows:

Task 1: project preparation and initial phase;
Task 2: identification of training needs in Ukraine;
Task 3: analysis of the best world practice and experience of personnel training in the area of RAW and LLW management, decommissioning and rehabilitation of territories;
Task 4: development of training programs, courses, modules and training materials;
Task 5: trainings of instructors and pilot courses for personnel training;
Task 6: sharing the project results and issuance of the final report.

Completion status:

The project was completed in December 2019.

Within the project the training courses, modules and training content were developed. A 2-week training for the trainers and specialists of the Exclusion Zone enterprises as well as the pilot training courses for the SSE ChNPP staff in the area of decommissioning, RAW management and area remediation were held.

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