Technical assistance at the site to Ukrainian organizations in establishment of Chornobyl NPP RAW Management facilities, Exclusion Zone monitoring and Nuclear Power Plant’s equipment repair


The project was funded by the European Union in the framework of 2002 TACIS Action Program.

Project objective:

Ensuring implementation of the Integrated Waste Management Plan, including SNF and taking into account Waste, generated during SIP implementation, monitoring of the ongoing ICSRM construction and other support facilities, and procurement of a new auxiliary facilities to ensure ChNPP power Units 1, 2, 3 decommissioning.

Project outcomes:

Establishment of the Project Coordination Unit at the site (PCU), whose activities are aimed at main tasks accomplishing:
• updating the Integrated Waste Management Plan interaction management;
• review and implementation of the projects economic analysis as it is defined in the available Technical Specifications, developing evaluation criteria for the Tender dossiers, providing the assistance and additional experts to evaluate the proposals;
• Supporting the Contractor in the equipment certification, preparation of customs clearance and taxes exemption documents, and End user supporting in the installation licensing (designing, construction, commissioning and operation);
• Verification of the Contractor's reports, execution cost and schedule, compliance with the Technical Specifications.

Nearest Events

April 26, 1986 (1.23.40 a.m., Moscow time) – accident at Chornobyl NPP Unit No.4 in the course of design testing of one of the safety-related systems
In the beginning of May, 1977 the assemblers, builders, servicemen and operational personnel of ChNPP begun precommissioning works at Unit 1

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