Additional work in the framework of the ICSRM Project in Chornobyl. Delivery of the ventilation system for Buildings 84


The Project is funded by the European Union in the framework of the Annual Nuclear Safety Action Programme 2007.

The Project objective:

Ensure the functioning of the infrastructure for solid radioactive waste management, which is necessary for ChNPP decommissioning.  Installation and commissioning of the supply ventilation system in room 138 in order to ensure the operation of the temporary storage facility for low and medium-level long-lived waste and high-level waste in the building of the solid waste storage facility in accordance with the functional characteristics foreseen by the ICSRM Project.

Completed activities under the Project:

- pre-project survey of the site for equipment installation;
- project design and development of working design documentation; supply and installation of equipment;
- development of testing programme of the supply ventilation system;
- complex tests of the ventilation system; Employer’s personnel training in operating skills, maintenance and repair of equipment items.

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