Reconstruction of Transport and Process Equipments of the Interim Storage Facility for Spent Fuel (ISF-1)

Reconstruction of the existing transport and process equipment of the “wet” type interim storage facility for spent fuel (ISF-1) is envisaged by “The Concept Design on ISF-1 Decommissioning. Stage 1 - Reconstruction of Transport and Process Equipments with the Objective of SFA Discharge”.

The Storage Facility is designed for acceptance and interim storage of spent fuel assemblies (SFA) coming from reactor compartments of Power Units after preliminary safe enclosure. At the present time more than 21 thousand fuel assemblies are stored in five compartments of the ISF-1 cooling pool that was commissioned in 1986.

The design of the existing Storage Facility does not envisage a procedure for reloading of spent fuel from ISF-1.

The reconstruction objective is to ensure safe performance of transport and process operations on SFA reloading from ISF-1, their loading into a transport container and transportation to ISF-2.

Basic information: Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Facility (ISF-2)

The activities are financed at the expense of funds of the State Budget of Ukraine. The General Designer is PJSC “Kyiv Research and Design Institute “EnergoProekt” (Ukraine).

Performance of activities:

Commissioning Stage 1: Creation of System for SNF reloading from ISF-1, has been fully implemented. The General Contractor is SE ChCD JSC “YuTEM”.

Commissioning Stage 2: Creation of System for additional monitoring of water level in spent fuel pool compartments, canyon and transfer basket storage compartments; Reconstruction of video control system for transportation and process operations with SNF. The Stage has been fully implemented. The General Contractor is “UkrTransBud” Company.

The Project was completed in December 2012.


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