March 14, 2013

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Within the NSC Project at the construction site the following works are being performed:
- installation of outer cladding purlines; 
- installation of inner cladding purlines;
- erection of lifting towers’ sections;
- assembly of Floline 70 steel decking laminates;
- preparatory works before arrangement of a fire pump house;
- lifting of a jacking system container for a tower.

Assembly of the Arch metal structures (for 2nd lifting)
According to the design - 4,097 tons
393.98 tons (9.6%) performed

Installation of the Arch roof’s outer cladding:
According to the design, surface area of outer cladding (Stage 1С) - 7,853.9 m2;
Surface area of cladding sections 2, 5 (Stage 2) - 6,098.3 m2;
Surface area of roof cladding before 2nd lifting - 13,952.2 м2.
Overall progress in the Arch outer cladding installation before 2nd lifting – 35.6%

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On May, 24, 1978 Unit 1achieved capacity 1000 mwt
June 11, 2001 – establishment of SSE Chornobyl NPP

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