Additional work in the framework of the ICSRM Project in Chornobyl – providing support in licensing activity, including the development and review of the relevant licensing documentation, and maintaining control over “hot” tests


The Project was funded by the European Union in the framework of the Annual Nuclear Safety Action Programme 2007.

Project objective:

Providing support to the ChNPP in licensing and maintaining control over the performance of “hot” tests for ICSRM commissioning.

Project results:

Support was provided to the Recipient in the performance of the first and second stages of “hot” tests of the ICSRM facilities: Facility for Retrieval of Solid Radioactive Waste and Solid Radioactive Waste Processing Plant.

Maintenance and calibration of the Neutron Monitoring System (NMS) and Drum Monitoring System (DMS) were completed.

The Final Safety Analysis Report was reviewed.

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