Improvement of the overall Radioactive Waste Management Strategy at operating and shutdown NPPs in Ukraine


The project was funded by the European Union in the framework of the Annual Action Program for Nuclear Safety 2008 - Part II.

Project objective:

Improving the Radioactive Waste Management, generated as a result of the Nuclear Energy Facilities (Nuclear Power Plants) operation in Ukraine and Chornobyl NPP decommissioning.

Project tasks:

- recommendations development to minimize RAW generation for each of the operating NPPs at the operational stage and for Chornobyl NPP;
- RAW Management System improvement and optimization at the operating NPPs of Ukraine;
- conceptual design of information and analytical system for NNEGC "Energoatom" RAW Management.

The following outcomes were obtained within the Project:

• recommendations for waste processing, conditioning and storage taking into account the specificity of each NPP;
• general and specific recommendations for individual NPPs to minimize waste generated during NPP operation, organizational and technical approaches to waste minimization;
• recommendations for introduction of an integrated Radioactive Waste accounting and control system at operating NPPs;
• Terms of Reference was developed to develop and implement an integrated information and analytical system for RAW accounting and control in the State Enterprise "NNEGC "Energoatom";
• recommendations on decontamination technologies for metal components, building structures, large-size equipment and other materials, liquid waste purification, analysis of the decontamination technologies characteristics and "cost-benefit" analysis was performed;
• concept of large-dimension contaminated components transportation;
• training programs on waste minimization procedures, waste processing and conditioning methods were developed; Training of the Beneficiary / End User staff in accordance with the developed programs was carried out.

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