Condition of New Ventilation Stack

In August 2012, SSE Chernobyl NPP has reported that cracks were discovered in the individual elements of New Ventilation Stack (NVS) structure. The NVS has not yet been commissioned and is under the responsibility of the Building Contractor. A periodic monitoring of NVS steel structure elements position is being performed.

For the purpose of identifying the causes for the cracks and making recommendations for their repair, several Ukrainian and international specialized expert organizations are currently carrying out comprehensive studies of the steel New Ventilation Stack structures at ChNPP. They have already provided some of their respective reports to the Employer, and they are being analyzed by the designer. As soon as the experts agree upon the root causes for the cracks, the designer performing the function of the Engineer-of-Record Supervisor for the construction will issue recommendations for the defects repair.

The Designer will determine the specific repair solution, upon which SSE ChNPP will issue a Technical Decision to eliminate defects and submit it to the Ukrainian Regulatory Authorities for concurrence.

Since this process not yet complete, it is premature to conclude the cause of the cracks or specify the measures for their elimination.