Intergovernmental Agreement between Norway and Ukraine about cooperation is signed


Intergovernmental Agreement between Norway and Ukraine about cooperation in the field of Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Chernobyl NPP decommissioning and "Shelter" object transformation into ecologically safe system was signed on November 30, 2012 in Oslo.

Agreement has been signed by Deputy Minister of Emergencies Ministry of Ukraine Mr Vladimir Sirotin and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Mr Espen Barth Eide.

Signing of the Agreement will contribute to the optimization of Chernobyl NPP Units decommissioning process and implementation of the tasks aimed on completion of the "Shelter" object transformation into an ecologically safe system, currently not included into Shelter Implementation Plan, in particular SO Fuel Containing Materials Management.

Signing of the Agreement with the Government of the Norway Kingdom enlarges the frames of the activity due to international technical assistance, provides possibility to the parties to share experiences and knowledge in the field of decommissioning and liquidation of the beyond design accidents consequences.

Chernobyl NPP is now at the final stage of its life cycle - the stage of decommissioning, which will continue until 2065. Under condition of such long-term activity the process of information preservation and transfer to future generations of specialists who will work at the final stages of decommissioning is of special importance.

To resolve this problem ChNPP places expectations on existing in Norway experience and developed technology. That will significantly reduce labor inputs, doses to personnel, improve the efficiency and safety of dismantling work, including "Shelter" object dismantling and Fuel Containing Materials Management.

Assistance under this Agreement will be based on individual projects, such as, for example, establishment of Chernobyl NPP decommissioning Visualization Centre. This Center will be used for planning, training and implementation of procedures for the personnel, authorities and public. Center will contribute in fulfillment of Chernobyl NPP needs to improve the safety of the personnel and more efficient use of resources. Moreover, the staff will be able to plan and control the radiation dose and obtain visualization of radiation scenarios for planning and training.

For information:

Norway is a contributor to Chernobyl Shelter Fund and Nuclear Safety Account, established for financing of Shelter Implementation Plan, construction of Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant and Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility.

Cooperation between Chernobyl NPP and Energy Technology Institute (IFE) of Norway - International Research Foundation for Energy and Nuclear Technology was started in 2006. It was aimed on modeling and simulating situations at three undamaged Chernobyl NPP reactors and development of Visualization Technology by IFE Institute.