IAEA to Continue Support to Ukraine in Chernobyl NPP Waste Management and Decommissioning

On January 28-30, a technical meeting was held at IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, where issues were reviewed concerning implementation of the Technical Cooperation Project UKR9030 “Assisting to Ukrainian Enterprises in ChNPP Units Decommissioning, Improvement of an Opportunity for Safe Waste Management in Ukraine and Use of the Best World’s Practice”, as well as planning of support for new cycle of technical cooperation for 2014-2015. The representatives of IAEA, State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management, State Nuclear Regulation Inspectorate of Ukraine, and SSE ChNPP participated in the meeting.

The Ukrainian party provided the detailed information on status of ChNPP Units 1, 2, and 3 decommissioning, radioactive waste management at ChNPP (including Shelter Object), as well as status of activity on assuring safety during radioactive waste management in Ukraine and measures, which should be envisaged for strengthening national strategy on waste management.

The meeting participants estimated the outcomes of the current project (UKR9/030) implementation in 2012, and specified further technical tasks and implementation schedule for 2013.

The tasks and scopes of works for 2014-2015 were also agreed during the meeting. The proposed concept of new project associated with IAEA assistance to the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management and SSE ChNPP was reviewed upon the discussion taking into account the needs of both organizations. The prepared project was approved by the representatives of Ukraine and IAEA. The Ukrainian colleagues will commence detail designing of the project in accordance with the priorities they agreed.