A piece of the helicopter, crashed in 1986, was found

On 6th December, during the dismantling of a post-accident light roof covering of Unit 4 Turbine Hall, a piece of tail fins with broken elements of Mi-8 helicopter’s anti-torque propeller was found. This helicopter had crashed in 1986 during the elimination of the ChNPP accident consequences.

It is a reminder that on the evening of 2nd October 1986, during the treatment of the ChNPP II Generation Units roof (spilling of bonding adhesive over horizontal surfaces), the helicopter of Volodymyr Vorobiov, due to the absence of an alarm rail at a high-altitude crane rope, touched the rope by its blades and plummeted to earth.  All members of the crew died from the fall.

Currently, the possibility to retrieve and decontaminate the tail fins piece to use it as a museum specimen is under consideration.

For your information:

The present monument to the died pilots (i.e. Volodymyr Vorobiov, Oleksandr Yunhkind, Leonid Khrystych, Mykola Hanzhuk) is installed close to the Chornobyl helicopter landing site.


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