International projects at Chernobyl NPP. What’s new?

To support activities on decommissioning of Chernobyl NPP Units and Shelter transformation into ecologically safe system, a number of international projects are being implemented on Chernobyl NPP site, the detail information of which you can find on our web page. Many of them are under completion and some of them are at the initial stage. Please see below a brief review of current status of the international projects being implemented.

Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP)
The Project is financed from Chernobyl Shelter Fund (CSF). Nowadays, the major attention is focused on works on New Safe Confinement construction. Based on work scope under the contract, they are divided into six license packages (LP). The works on two of them, namely cleanup of construction site and works on arranging tranches, pits, foundations for hoist towers, working platform for the Arch assembling, have been completed. The Arch foundations design within assembling and sliding area is under completion stage. The License Package for major building (LP-5), including foundations, metal structures, casing and technological facilities, was approved in December 2011. The activities on License Package LP-6 are currently being continued envisaging an integration of whole NSC Project. On April 26, 2012, at 26th anniversary of ChNPP accident, the works on the Arch structures assembling were commenced. The completion of NSC construction is expected in 2015. After this, an equally important stage will commence associated with dismantling of “old” Shelter and FCM retrieval and disposal. It is supposed to have hard and strenuous work, for which one should prepare carefully. It is designed for long-term period and associated with large financial expenses.

“Construction of Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel (ISF-2)” Project
The Project is financed from Nuclear Safety Account (NSA) and kept by “Holtec International”, USA. Currently, spent nuclear fuel and spent additional absorbers at Chernobyl NPP are stored at ISF-1, which is the storage facility of wet type and is not intended for long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel. Construction of ISF-2 of dry type would enable to solve the problem of long-term storage (for 100 years) of spent nuclear fuel. According to the contract conditions, the Project is implemented in two stages, i.e. designing and construction. Stage 1 was completed in June 2010. Since February 2011, Stage 2 of the works is being implemented, including supply of materials and equipment, construction-assembling and pre-commissioning works, and support to obtain a permit for ISF-2 commissioning. Completion of active phase of the works under the contract is scheduled for 2015.

“Construction of Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant (LRTP)” Project
The construction is financed from Nuclear Safety Account (NSA). LRTP is designed to treat liquid radioactive waste (LRW) accumulated during the operation and those generated during ChNPP decommissioning, and also operational LRW of the Shelter. In July 2007, during NSA Assembly of Donors, the decision was taken regarding further financing and completion procedure of LRTP. All works required for project completion were divided into 4 packages. As on the end of Quarter 1, 2012, all bidding procedures on packages are finalized and contracts required for LRTP completion are concluded. The facility commissioning is scheduled for 2012.

“Construction of Industrial Complex for Solid Radioactive Waste Management (ICSRM) of Chernobyl NPP” Project
ICSRM is constructed at the funds of European Commission and Ukraine. The facility is completed and accepted by the State Acceptance Commission in April 2009. Currently, the “hot” testing is being continued at the facility, and NUKEM, the Contractor, addresses the comments, which prevent commencement of works associated with actual RAW, and defects on warranty liabilities.

“Complex for Production of Metal Casks and Concrete Containers for ChNPP Radioactive Waste Storage (CPMC&CC)” Project
Complex for Production of Metal Casks and Concrete Containers for Radioactive Waste Storage (CPMC&CC) is constructed at the funds of European Commission. The Complex belongs to the infrastructure required for Chernobyl NPP decommissioning and will provide creation of packages for safe radioactive waste management. All works are completed, and warranty maintenance period in being continued.


“Modernization of Production Capacities for Long-Length Waste Fragmentation at Chernobyl NPP” Project
The facility creation is financed at the funds of European Commission. The major purpose of the works is to create facility for processing high-level special items being at the central halls of Units 1, 2 and 3. The facility will perform operations on fragmenting, sorting and displacing fragments into primary package. The Contractor is AMEC, the Great Britain. The works are at the stage of designing completion. Work completion on facility creation is scheduled for 2014.

“Decommissioning Information Support System for Chernobyl NPP” Project
Creation of Decommissioning Information Support System is financed at the funds of European Commission. The Contractor is Energiewerke Nord GmbH, Germany. Implementation of this Project is caused by a necessity to preserve and actualize the information being received during implementation of stages on ChNPP Units shutdown and decommissioning. The Project implementation would enable to select the most optimal organizational and technical decisions relating to decommissioning; provide support during decommissioning planning; preservation and actualization of the information gained during all stages of decommissioning. The works under contract are completed, and warranty maintenance stage is started.