Fire and tactical trainings at Chernobyl NPP

On May 22 fire and tactical trainings on extinguishment of a conditional fire in heating oil warehouse of Industrial Heating Plant (IHP) took place at industrial site of SSE Chernobyl NPP.

13 units of equipment were used and more than 50 people of SFPD-1 staff patrolling SSE ChNPP and of SFPD-2 patrolling Chernobyl Exclusion zone took part in these trainings.

According to the scenario the conditional fire at the black oil tank No. 2 occurred as a result of explosion of mixture of a combustible liquid evaporation with air in free volume of the tank. Complete destruction of the tank’s cover with the subsequent burning of black oil on all area of the tank surface (408 sq.m) occurred as a result of explosion. Threat of a fire distribution on the next tank was arisen under influence of a thermal flow from the burning tank.

Extinguishment was carried out using a foam and simultaneous cooling of the burning and adjacent tank with water.

This conditional fire according to classification is referred to the most difficult, therefore the maximum quantity of equipment and staff was involved in its extinguishment.

Trainings on refinement of skills in rescue and emergence actions in case of emergency situation occurrence annually are carried out at Chernobyl NPP territory according to the plans, approved by the Emergencies Ministry. It is expected that in September, 2012 the fire brigade from Slovakia will take part in such trainings.