LRTP "inactive" comprehensive testing started

“Inactive” comprehensive tests of Chernobyl NPP Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant (LRTP) process systems were started on December 25, 2012. Their main task is to confirm the operability of the LRTP systems to fulfill specified design functions using simulated wastes, and determine the readiness of the systems for comprehensive testing of the plant process systems using active radioactive wastes. The “inactive” comprehensive tests of the process equipment are planned to be completed in March 2013 according to the schedule, provided by the Contractor.

The “active” comprehensive tests are panned for the second quarter of 2013, provided obtaining of the positive authorization from the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. The completion of the “active” comprehensive testing of the LRTP process equipment is planned for November 2013.

The LRTP construction is financed at the expense of Nuclear Safety Account, which is administrated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The need in the LRTP construction is determined by the necessity to treat the liquid radioactive waste, accumulated during the SSE ChNPP operation, as well as the liquid radioactive waste, which will be generated as a result of activities on the ChNPP decommissioning and Shelter Object transformation into an ecologically safe system.

The plant design capacity is 42 RAW packages (LRW cemented in 200-l drum) per day.

The turnkey LRTP construction contract with the Consortium BELGATOM\SGN\ANSALDO was terminated in 2006. The SSE ChNPP undertook the LRTP project management in full.

The strategy for the LRTP project completion was developed and agreed with the EBRD during 2006-2012. To complete the LRTP construction all activities were divided into four packages. The contracts were awarded for each package in accordance with the EBRD procedures. All contracts are at the stage of implementation.