As of 27.06.2017 due to the cyber attack: the SSE ChNPP's official website was not accessible, servers for controlling the local area network and auxiliary systems of SSE ChNPP information resources (mail server, file-sharing servers, Internet resources' access server, electronic document flow system server) were switched off. There was partial failure in operation of personal computers of workplaces of operators of individual radiation monitoring systems without loss of the control function as a whole.

From the time of the attack the compensation measures to monitor radiation situation of the ChNPP industrial site have been developed and are under implementation. The monitoring is performed by the instruments. Changes in the radiation situation parameters have not been recorded. The control levels are not exceeded.

At the moment (29.06.2017) all other technological systems, including the Integrated Automated Monitoring System of Shelter Object (IASK), Integrated Shelter Database (ISDB), Module «Karma» - operational account of personnel radiation doses, personnel access control system to ChNPP (SKDP), and other technological systems are operated in routine regime.

Operation of the website and servers, main and auxiliary services has been restarted; the Internet access was resumed. Testing and performance restoration of information systems and personnel workplaces are underway.

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