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Spent Fuel Processing Facility (SFPF):

- Development of work execution plans (flow sheets) for installation of equipment and systems.
- Installation of Technological Process Monitoring and Control System (TP MCS) cabinets.
- Mounting of cable routing structures for PPS, AMS and RMS
- Cable routing.
- Installation of main process equipment:
     * Works on modification of shielding door SFP-SD-08 in prem. 403/IS 102 C6.
     * Assembling of racks for 200-l drums.
     * Pit covers No.1 and No.3 SFP-XP-210/211, prem. 501 were installed
- Installation of extra embedded items for the docking device.
- Preparatory works for installation of the docking device TK-8 cup.
- Electrical installation works on gateways of small-sized elements, holder slide.
- Installation of control cabinets for ventilation system fire protection valves.
- Mounting of ducts, cable laying, connection of control cabinets for ventilation system fire protection valves.
- Installation of FGD pipelines.
- Fire protection of ventilation system air ducts.
- Filling of shielding door SFP-SD-02 with lead pellets, prem. 109А/111А.
- Works on RMS gas-aerosol monitoring systems.

The following activities were also performed at the facility:

- Soldering of optic cable from ZVSB to Control Panel 1 at the checkpoint.
- Completing of as-built documents and deliverables for handing-over the relevant stages in accordance with the Contract.
- Development of testing programs for process units and systems and training programs for the Client’s personnel.

The general Contractor of the project is Holtec. Works at the site are being performed by Holtec subcontractors: CDI, UTEM, UTB, ZEM, EPI, BEM, Kranservis, Konditsioner. In total 200 persons were engaged in the works. 5 units of lorry-loading, earth-moving and lifting machines were also used for fulfilling tasks at the site.

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