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SSE ChNPP photogallery. Construction of ChNPP, accident and elimination of accident consequences, modernity, industrial site, ChNPP visits, implementation of international projects.




Газета "Новости ЧАЭС"Newspaper "ChNPP News"

The newspaper of State Specialized Enterprise “Chernobyl NPP” was established in 1995. Certificate of the state registration of an official publication media Кі No.830 dated November 11, 2004. Thematic scope is to inform readers about life of the enterprise’s staff, work activity, progress of projects’ implementation at the industrial site targeted at the ChNPP Units decommissioning and Shelter Object transformation into an ecologically safe system.



 Телепрограммы ЧАЭСTV Programs

Archive of ChNPP news and thematic TV programs that are aired each week at Slavutych town television about life of the Chernobyl NPP staff, work and social activity of the enterprise, progress of international projects’ implementation at the Plant industrial site, spotlight interviews.




 Видеофильмы ЧАЭСVideos

Videos created by specialists of Chernobyl NPP TV studio, and authors’ works devoted to the Plant history, commemorative dates and events.




 Обзор ПрессыPress Review

Review of publications of news and specialized web-based media. Thematic scope – news of the Ukrainian and world nuclear power complex, nuclear power development trends, events at NPPs’ sites. 





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